Ricardo Olivera

Real name: D'Oliveira Savia, Ricardo Andrés
(9 April 1966 - )
Place of birth:
Montevideo Uruguay
Ricardo García Blaya

baritone with strong and full voice, with simple, delicate nuances, and no gimmicks and exaggerations, reminds me of the singers of the 50s. He is, no doubt, one of the best representatives of his generation that Uruguay has given us.

He was born in Montevideo, his beginnings were devoted to folk music and, especially, to Andean music. He was member of two folk groups, Toconao and Americanto, in 1979.

Not only was he a vocalist, he also played wind and percussion instruments. In 1981 he made tours of Chile, Brazil, Argentina and the interior of his country. With them he cut a record.

He interrupted his show business career until 1996 when he decided to devote himself to tango and, as an amateur, began to sing at the old Bar Fun Fun.

Two years later he joined the cast of La Casa de Becho where he appeared until its closure in 2000 as singer, emcee and announcer. Also his appearances in several tango venues were frequent.

He appeared at the Festival Internacional del Tango and, signed to appear in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Central America. In Buenos Aires he appeared at Señor Tango and at La Comparsita.

In his hometown, he appeared at the Teatro del Centro, at the Tinglado, at the Sala Zitarrosa, among other important venues. Furthermore, he was at festivals organized by the Joventango association. In 1998, in Argentina, La Nación online regarded him as the revelation as vocalist at the 11th International Festival Viva el Tango.

His first compact disc, for the Tango Sur label, was released the following year. Thereafter tours and festivals followed until in 2001 he joined two aggregations, the quintet Cinco para el Tango and the Orquesta Matos Rodríguez.

One year later he was invited by the World Trade Center and the Sheraton Hotel of Montevideo to performer at the show «Valoremos lo nuestro» alongside outstanding Uruguayan and international artists.

He was called by the renowned musician Francisco “Pancho” Nolé to join his staff and, later, he recorded his second disc, De mis sueños con el alma that includes, also, a medley of poems and lunfardo speeches. Furthermore, he recorded another compact disc along with Olga Delgrossi and the pianist Miguel Ángel Barcos.

The present conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo, Álvaro Hagopián, in 2005 invited him to participate in the Fundación del Grupo Tango Mayor, to sing with its trio.

That same year and the following one he made tours of Bolivia and Peru. Thereafter he was requested by the orchestras led by the pianists Julio Frade and Raúl Medina.

In 2008, invited by Chico Novarro, he cut a compact disc along with Raúl Medina. He also traveled to Peru with the Orquesta Matos Rodríguez. On his comeback, Atilio Stampone summoned him to sing with the Orquesta Juan de Dios Filiberto in Argentina.

Between October 12 and November 30, 2011 he appeared at the 14me. Festival Paris Banlieues Tango, accompanied by his quartet.

It turns out impossible to sumarize in detail all what this young talented singer has carried out we, simply, with this short portrayal, want to display the most important events in his career.