Carla Pugliese

Real name: Novelli Pugliese, María Carla
Pianist and composer
(4 January 1977 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he was born in Buenos Aires city, and began her studies of classical piano playing at age six with her mother, Beba Pugliese.

She released her first disc in 2004 —which she entitled Ojos verdes cerrados— that included tangos, waltzes and milongas composed by her and which was nominated for the Gardel 2005 awards. The musicians that played in that album were: Marcelo Rebuffi (violin), Gerardo Scaglione (double bass), Lautaro Greco (bandoneon), Carla and Ernesto Romeo (synthetizers and recording engineer), Carla Pugliese (piano, synthetizers, compositions and musical direction).

With this quintet she played at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, at the Colegio de Abogados of Tres de Febrero and on a tour of Japan that included twenty-three cities.

Soon thereafter she released her second disc, recorded live in Tokyo —La vida y la tempestad— including 14 tangos and milongas (five of them belong to her). With this album she won the Premio Gardel, award in the Tango Revelation 2006 category.

In 2007 her third compact disc —Eléctrica y porteña— was issued, nominated for the Gardel awards. The players were: Adrián Subotovsky (electric guitar), Carla and Ernesto Romeo (synthetizers), Natalia Simoncini and Carina Schmidt (vocals), Carla (piano, compositions and leadership).

Later she made a new tour as soloist: Italy, Holland, France and Germany. In her performances she was accompanied by great musicians, such as Andrej Sud, violinist concert master of the Berlin symphonic orchestra, and Robert Armus, tenor saxophone player who paired with her as a duo.

In 2009 the movie director Shekar Khapur, used her composition “Ostinato” (track 1 of the compact disc Ojos verdes cerrados) for his film Pasaje.

Now she plays bandoneon, composes folk and tango music and is about to release another disc. The members of her new group are: Francisco Centeno Lascano (piano), Axel Xavier Mastronardi (guitar) and Carla, the leader, now plays her new instrument.

Her outstanding pieces as composer and lyricist are: the tangos “Otro espacio”, “El día que vino salió el arco iris”, “Ayer vi” (song), “Antena Buenos Aires” (candombe) and “GBA” (murga). And as composer: “Ostinato”, “La vida y la tempestad”, “Los pájaros del jardín”, among others.

She wrote in collaboration with Axel Xavier Mastronardi: “La casita”, “Tango del día de la madre”, “Nuestro campito en la luna” and in collaboration with Jorge Padula Perkins: “Soñé un abrazo” and “En una calle cualquiera”.