Leonel Capitano

Real name: Capitano, Leonel Fernando
Singer, bandoneonist and composer
(9 June 1980 - )
Place of birth:
Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina
Lautaro Kaller

e was born in Rosario (Santa Fe), at the time of one of the deepest crisis of the genre. The influence of his maternal grandfather (Loco Castro, who was goalkeeper of Newell’s Old Boys and Boca Juniors) made him begin to sing tangos when he was only three.

When still a teenager he joined the Orquesta Típica Baruyo which meant his start in the tango world of the city. Because of his talent evidenced at so early an age he represents a true hinge between the tango generations of the city. Likewise he had appeared also in different stages in the aggregations of maestros such as Domingo Federico and Cholo Montironi with whom he is still connected now.

He played in several aggregations: the Orquesta del Instituto Provincial del Profesorado de Música, the Quinteto Camandulaje, the Cuarteto Los Tauras, the Víctor Parma quartet and the group Cité Tango.

His activity as soloist began in 2000, associated on occasions with music players of the level of Joel Tortul, Octavio Brunetti and Cristian Gustafsson, among others.

In his interpretive aspect he presents distinctive features that are scarcely usual. Like Rubén Juárez he sings accompanying himself on bandoneon. He has a tenor range and a deep warm voice.

He is a complete artist: bandoneonist, composer, researcher, broadcaster and educator. He is one of the founders of the Centro Cultural 1380, member of the group La Novata and author of the project ARDE TROYA (tango artists of Rosario and its surroundings). He is also member of the associations MUTAR (Músicos tangueros rosarinos) and ATAR (Asociación tanguera Antonio Ríos).

His works evidence an original profile: “Mi tango a Maradona” that Leonel sang in La Noche del 10 on Channel 13 of Buenos Aires. His tango “Soy”, a sharp and innovative vision about the tango world from the perspective of a young person born in the 80s.

He has recorded 3 compact discs: Capitano Vivo 2000, Nostalgias del Futuro —honored by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and awarded with the prize Musi 2004— and Pi, his latest release, that includes only pieces he has composed.

He has appeared in different places of Argentina, Brazil and Chile; and made four European tours in 2004, 2007, 2009 and the last one that lasted 5 months in 2011 and consisted of 65 performances in over 40 cities of Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and France.

On the latter he presented all over Italy a series of recitals with classic tangos in Italian language (with his own translations). Furthermore, he joined as singer the Sexteto Unitango to appear at important festivals in Europe.

He has made sporadic appearances in Buenos Aires at venues like the Teatro Cervantes, the Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Palais de Glace, La Trastienda and Los 36 Billares, among others. Also in 2011 he gave workshops about tango singing along with Noelia Moncada. He represented his province at the tango encounter of La Falda.

While he was on his last European tour, his radio program Tango que fuiste y serás (FM Tango Rosario 98.5) was aired from 47 cities. It meant an unprecedented event for the Rosario radio history.

On his comeback to Argentina he was requested as singer for the tango orchestra led by Carlos Quilici and he resumed his busy activity in spreading tango as a cultural task.