Walter Romero

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(n/d - )
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is beginnings had to do more with musical theater, with the show “Canciones de cabaret” with music by Kurt Weill and texts by Brecht. He appeared at the show “Jesus Christ Superstar” and, in 1995 he was summoned by Susana Rinaldi for the project “El Tango de la Memoria”.

Since 1996 Walter Romero has been alternating his life between his two passions: tango and literature. He chose his repertoire with the collaboration of Héctor de Rosas who besides was his teacher. With the female singer Gabriela Torres he polished his interpretive style and with Paola Clark, Alejandra Ramos and the Italian maestro Luigi Volturno he furthered his singing studies.

In 2000 he started his professional activity as tango singer with a number to pay homage to Ignacio Corsini and was accompanied by Luis Lancelle, pianist and arranger, at different barrooms in Buenos Aires.

The following year he sang at the show called “Tangos a la medianoche” at the Biblioteca Café of the Teatro El Globo. Later, in 2002, he presented his show “Remolino” which meant his debut as soloist at the defunct Club del Vino where he was accompanied by the Hombres de Tango group.

Later came his appearances at the Bar Temático La Forja of Flores and also at the Bar El Federal of San Telmo, within the cycle “Tango y Poesía de Buenos Aires”, approaching the Corsini’s songbook and commenting his oeuvre. He closed the Workshop of American Studies, under the auspices of the Fundación Jorge Luis Borges and where María Kodama was present, with a recital that included the interpretation of tangos of the old trend and milongas by the prestigious writer.

In 2004 he appeared as guest singer with the Cuarteto Viceversa on the stage of the Bar Tuñón; thereafter he sang for a season —from July to December— at the mythical Café Homero.

His first disc “Charlemos” —in the Socsa Group label— was released under the auspices of the Secretaría de Cultura of Buenos Aires. In 2006 he sang at different venues, and the appearances that stood out were at: Museo Renault, La Casona del Teatro, Los 36 Billares, Café Margot and Café de García.

In 2006 he attended the VII Cumbre Mundial del Tango in Valparaíso, Chile; appeared at the Bienal del Fin del Mundo in Ushuaia and presented his lecture-concert as homage to the centennial of the poet Homero Manzi at the Ateneo Popular of La Boca and at the Museo Lumiton.

Su último disco, “Guapo”, fue presentado en 2008, en el Torquato Tasso.