Quinteto Negro La Boca

Real name:
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Pablo Bernaba (lead bandoneon)
Daniel Arbós (second bandoneon)
Maximiliano Larrea (guitar)
Patricia Szilágyi (piano)
Lucas Pereira (double bass)

t is an aggregation that was born in the neighborhood of La Boca in the mid- 2008. Among its esthetic-political outlines, the group has the objective of reassessing tango as popular genre by inviting the people in the audience to dance, listen and think.

It proposes a danceable style with a clear Decarean leaning, however, it never gave up looking for a sound of its own. The line-up is not common for a quintet. The two bandoneons provide a harmonic, sound strength that is not customary, and the guitar touch, at times, creates an intimate mood that is a foil to the clusters and marcato sounds of piano and double bass.

Another of the objectives of the quintet is improving the cultural heritage of the riverside neighborhood. The group is one of the driving forces of the Festival de Tango de La República de La Boca.

In 2010 they released their first disc: “Tango contaminado” which includes guest singers of the level of Alejandro Guyot, Hernán “Cucuza” Castiello, Hernán Fernández and Omar Garré.

Their repertoire consists of traditional tangos and waltzes, milongas and chacareras, arranged by the Quinteto and, also compositions of their own such as "Maradoneando", "Tango para Guevara", "El detalle" and "Severino", homage to the anarchist Severino Di Giovanni, with words by Osvaldo Bayer. Precisely, with this renowned writer the Quinteto is working to release another disc that will be named “Tangos Libertarios”.