Pablo Zapata

Real name: Zapata, Pablo Gustavo
Guitarist, bandoneonist and composer
(27 June 1965 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e began to study music at age 7 at the Conservatorio Vicente Caliendo. There he had a classical guitar training. He also studied tango and folk music and later in 1988 he entered the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (School of Popular Music). Thereafter he started to teach in different educational venues.

He was member of the group El Gardel De Medellín along with the actor and singer Ángel Rico. With this group he appeared in the movie El día que Maradona conoció a Gardel (The Day Maradona Met Gardel), directed by Rodolfo Pagliere (1996).

With the female singer Clori Gatti he put together a duo that, besides the classics, performed their own compositions. In 1997 they recorded the disc Música ciudadana. Among his compositions the song “La fuga” stands out. It was the title song of Eduardo Mignogna’s film (2001).

Furthermore he began to study bandoneon with Gabriel Rivano and, later, with Rodolfo Mederos. Thereafter he furthered his studies with Pablo Mainetti and Julio Pane.

He taught guitar playing and accompanied students of singing at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas. He also taught bandoneon playing at the Centro Cultural General San Martín.

In 2006 he was awarded the Mención del Fondo Nacional de las Artes for his number “Simplemente” that he co-wrote with Clori Gatti at the contest of tango, milonga and waltz pieces.

Playing bandoneon he recorded the number “Mariucho” for the movie La señal, Ricardo Darín’s opera prima (April 2007). He recorded the disc Eran dos, parecían más» which was sponsored by the Nuevos Creadores fund of the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Town Hall). He composed the music for the short movie La Polaca, directed by Kiko Tenembaun for the INADI and as guitarist, bandoneon player and arranger he appeared in the recording session of the disc Soltar amarras released by the female singer Claudia Levy.

Nowadays he appears at the radio program Tango y café on Radio File, along with Cristina Leiva. On radio he accompanied singers of the level of María Graña and Sandra Mihanovich, among others. He as well goes on with his teaching labor at the Universidad de Belgrano.