Dina Emed

Real name:
Singer, dancer and lyricist
(26 September - )
Place of birth:
Córdoba Argentina

his versatile woman expresses a way of singing tango in a “disseur” style with feeling and personality.

She graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Danzas (Nacional Dancing School) in which she qualified as professor of dances and body expression. Choreographer and educator, she is also a researcher in the field of body movement and health and has devised an international renowned system of her own.

She runs her own international tango academy in the city of Buenos Aires and she is a radio emcee since 1997. Her radio show Piel de Tango has uninterruptedly been aired since 2009 on La 2x4 (FM of Radio de la Ciudad).

In 2004, she recorded her first compact disc for the SOCSA record label with 20 pieces that include classics and new numbers. Among them the following stand out: “Una” (Dante Galardoni), “Un millón de rosas” (Hiyaku Manbon Nobara) and “Pajarito del asfalto” with music by Gilardoni and lyrics written by her.

In 1998, she began to direct her own show Piel de Tango which was premiered at the Sala Alfonsina Storni and was in the billboards until 2000.

With this show she traveled to Cuba, Brazil and Mexico. Later she continued at the Teatro La Máscara for nearly two years.

In August 2002, she traveled to Japan and in the city of Okinawa she appeared as dancer, choreographer and singer. The following year she went on with her play Piel de Tango at the Confitería Ideal and later at the Paseo La Plaza and at other prestigious venues.

She went to Italy —Milan and Rome— to teach and present a seminar with exhibitions in 2006. On her comeback she resumed her appearances at the Confitería Ideal. In February 2007 she traveled again, this time to Spain, to present seminars and exhibitions.

Thereafter she appeared at La Casona de Monserrat, at the Academia Nacional del Tango and, as usual, at the Ideal.

As for her literary oeuvre, she published: ¿A Dónde Van las Hojas Cuándo Mueren? (1989), Paloma Huérfana (1994), Los Jardines de Dios (1998). She released two discs that include her poems from: Antología Poética and En Tu Presencia read by Dina herself.

She is author of three tangos: “Pajarito del asfalto”, “Dios que toca el fuelle” and “En una noche tanguera”.