Mayte Caparrós

Real name: Caparrós, Mayte
(13 July 1959 - )
Place of birth:
Necochea (Buenos Aires) Argentina

inger, actress and soloist of contemporary music, with her voice and peculiar style she recreates all the tango music of the century.

She studied vocal technique and began a career of soprano singer as soloist in the Chamber Choir of the National University of Mar del Plata (Argentina) conducted by Horacio Lanci and awarded at several international festivals.

She was member of the vocal quintet Clave Folk; thereafter she started her career as soloist along with musicians and composers of Mar Plata known in our country and abroad. She appeared alongside great figures of her country at different venues, on radio and television.

Based in Barcelona since 1992, her activity combines furthering her vocal training with concerts at consecrated venues for chanson, jazz, tango in cities of Catalonia, other cities of Spain, also in France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Sweden and Croatia. Her uninterrupted activity along with musicians of first level was awarded in her home town, Mar del Plata, and was honored with the award Mérito Ciudadano for her labor and career in the field of music.

In 1999, she released her first CD: En privado. It is a recording of a live performance at the Teatro Colón of Mar del Plata with the accompaniment of the pianist Marcelo Sanjurjo.

Her singing deeply evokes urban life, the melancholy caused by change, the nostalgia of time and unrequited love, madness, disappointment, hope, those passions that had made tango and the music of Buenos Aires an unmistakable genre.

Her songbook includes a whole century of poetic creation for the Buenos Aires song from Carlos Gardel to Astor Piazzolla, from its marginal and picaresque origins to the most refined and complex contemporary tango.

Her special and subtle way of communication, her warm presence and her voice simply succeed in a touching expression.