Karina Beorlegui

Real name: Beorlegui, Karina
Singer and actress
(23 June 1970 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he had a solid training in dancing, singing and acting. She studied with renowned teachers of different genres.

As actress she had outstanding appearances in the plays: Andrócles y el león (1999-2000), El romance del Romeo y la Julieta —adapted by Julio Tahier (2001-2002)—. She was starred alongside Alejandro Dolina in the operetta Lo que me costó el amor de Laura (2000).

She was guest artist in several recordings: Dolina’s Radiocines (2002), Viva la escuela with León Gieco, Víctor Heredia and others (2002) and Dolina’s Tangos del Bar del Infierno (2003).

As tango singer she always was looking for original ways by teaming up with great musicians and researching the songbook of the genre. Around 2003 she appeared in the summer season along with Federico Mizrahi. That year she also appeared at the V Festival Buenos Aires Tango and performed in a five-month tenure show at Clásica y Moderna to wide acclaim.

She released as independent producer her first disc Caprichosa, with a repertoire of tangos and fados accompanied by her quartet led by Néstor Ballesteros (piano, accordion and arrangements), Camila Bendersky and Teresa Castillo (violins), Oscar Pittana (double bass). Other sidemen were: Fernando Añón Barros and Eva Wolff (bandoneon), Alejandro Dolina and Walter Laborde, (Chino), the trio headed by Federico Mizrahi and the guitar trio of Soria, Juárez and Salmone.

In 2004 she was again at the Festival Buenos Aires Tango with the Soria-Juárez-Salmone guitar trio and began a tour of Spain, France and Portugal to promote her disc. She even appeared at the Tango Festival of Granada.

An interesting event was when she joined the Salam-Shalom Tango Orchestra led by Norberto Vogel. This aggregation encourages the Arab-Jewish integration and is internationally known and they appear throughout the country.

In December 2005 she made her debut with the Orquesta Típica Winco that includes young musicians. Then she combined acting with singing and also staging.

In 2006 she appeared at a season of tangos and fados in an acoustic format —at the Beatriz Urtubey’s La Casona del Teatro— and made her second European tour. Thereafter she presented her show Caprichosa Tango Tour in Córdoba and the Argentine coast area. And from July to October 2007 she appeared at Clásica y Moderna with Tangomenage, tango and fado, along with Walter Laborde and Cardenal Domínguez and other guests.

She as well was at the Bares Notables show organized by the city of Buenos Aires at the Torquato Tasso and Notorious.

Since 2008 she has been co-leading singer of the cast of Tango Porteño (formerly Cine Teatro Metro, Buenos Aires). In 2009 she was nominated for the Clarín awards as Revelación Tango. She is also producer and creator of the Fado-Tango Club.

She released her second compact disc with tangos and fados entitled Mañana Zarpa un Barco. She together with Los Primos Gabino produced it and presented it at Clásica y Moderna and at the CAFF. She made her third European tour playing in Lisbon and Spain and introduced her tango and fado material at several important classic theaters. In 2010 as producer and singer she carried out the second consecutive year of the season Fado-Tango Club at the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro (CAFF).