Güerino Filipotto

Real name: Filipotto, Carlos Güerino Quintín
Bandoneonist and composer
(13 May 1885 - n/d)
Place of birth:

is birth was in 1885 (not in 1890 nor 1895, as other sources mention) and for a time he lived in the United States and France before World War I. Summoned by Celestino Ferrer to play in his orchestra as substitute for Vicente Loduca, we only know that he died at an old age in Paris but we do not know when.

As most of the players of that time he played by ear. He lived in the neighborhood of El Abasto, the neighborhood of the Pizarro brothers as well.

People said that he had played in a trio with Domingo Pizarro (guitar) and the later publisher Juan S. Balerio. The latter published, among a great number of pieces, “Te la debo”, one of his few compositions. This number was dedicated to Francisco Lomuto who, instead, dedicated to the former his tango “La rezongona”.

With Celestino Ferrer he joined the Orquesta Típica Argentina Celestino and the Cuarteto Ferrer-Filipotto. Between 1915 and 1919, hired by the Victor label of New York, he played in several recording sessions. Furthermore, they also played for Columbia but we do not have any other information about it. Years later Filipotto succeeded in recording with his own aggregation.

Back in Paris, when the war was over, for a time he appeared alongside Ferrer and thereafter together they joined the orchestra led by Manuel Pizarro. On many occasions he replaced the latter when the leader was absent.

In 1925 he split with that aggregation and, since then, he was member of a great number of groups. He came back to his country only as a visitor. He spent his lifetime in Europe.

Another tangos of his are: “Cara o cruz [b]”, “El alboroto”, “El bataraz” and “La travera”. They were all recorded by the Ferrer-Filipotto Orchestra.