Pablo Guzmán

Real name: Guzmán, Pablo
(23 July 1973 - )
Place of birth:
José C. Paz (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born in José C. Paz, Provincia de Buenos Aires. This young singer began his career at an early age when he was only six years old. At age twelve he started his studies of vocal technique and he prepared a repertoire.

At age fifteen he appeared in a TV program emceed by Roberto Galán: Si lo sabe, cante (If you know it, sing). Two years later he turned out finalist at the Pre Cosquín contest of 1990 and he also did it in the two following years.

His show business career went on with his appearance in several TV shows, among them: La noche con amigos, emceed by Lionel Godoy and El gran debut on Channel ATC, both connected with our city music.

He also appeared as actor in the soap operas Socorro, sobrinos, Las mellizas Rivarola and in Gatica, El Mono, a movie by Leonardo Favio.

In 1990, he made a tour which took him to the city of Santiago de Chile. On his comeback he was member of the casts of the Teatro San Martín, of La Casa de Aníbal Troilo, of the Café de los Angelitos, of La Cachila, among others.

He had been chosen to appear at the TV program Grandes valores del tango that was emceed by Silvio Soldán but when he was about to debut the TV show was cancelled by the new authorities of Channel 9.

He appeared again in 2006 at a contest in the televisión program Aguante tango, also emceed by Soldán and was consecrated as the only winner in 2009 among nearly a thousand contestants.

Nowadays he appears in several cities of the interior of the country. He has just recorded in Bahía Blanca city two programs for the TV show conducted by the singer Néstor Rolán, Tango en la Bahía that is aired on Channel 7 of that city.