Gonzalo Lozada

Real name: Lozada, Gonzalo
(16 July 1975 - )
Place of birth:
La Plata (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born in La Plata city, Buenos Aires. He used to make us enjoy his voice and his generosity at some of the dinner parties of the coterie of friends that take part in the Todo Tango forum, La Mesa del Café.

After graduating as bachelor he studied speaking and acting at the Escuela de Arte Dramático of La Plata and, later, he attended a seminar at the Escuela I.A.O. of Buenos Aires which is directed by the actress Dora Baret.

He approached tango firstly through dancing with professor Aldo Méndez and later through singing. He studied with the female singer Alba Solís.

He was semi-finalist at the «Hugo Del Carril» contest held at the Teatro San Martín in 1996. He won the first prize at two important festivals of the province of Buenos Aires: the Folk Festival of City Bell as male vocalist in 1997 and at the Gorina festival in 1998. In 2003 he was the winner at the contest known as Una cita con el tango organized by Esquina Homero Manzi.

He appeared as featured artist at the program Tango en los boliches, coordinated by the Secretaría de Cultura de La Plata in 1995 and 1996. He emceed and promoted the project Tango, ciudad, escuela, at the La Recoleta Auditorium, coordinated by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires in 2001.

He taught at worshops of vocal dramatic interpretation, stage command and repertoire at the former Universidad del Tango, today Centro Educativo del Tango.

Due to the release of his first recording he appeared at important venues of Buenos Aires: Esquina Homero Manzi eemced by Osvaldo Martín; Sabor a Tango and Teatro Coliseo of La Plata with Lionel Godoy and also he appeared in his radio show La noche con amigos.

He was member of the casts of Tango Bravo Club directed by Daniel Canales in Mar del Plata and of Tango querido at the Confitería Ideal. Furthermore, he recorded the tangos “Nostalgias” and “Pasional” for the cable channel Solo Tango.