Patricia Barone

Real name: Barone, Patricia
Singer and composer
(21 May 1962 - )
Place of birth:
Gerli (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

he is one of the most representative voices of the new generation of tango singers. She has a range of mezzo soprano with a clean and full vocal sound which otherwise is soft and delicate and has a good intonation. These elements help her to generate in the audiences a special mood.

She possesses a strong personality and she adapts her interpretation to the subtleties of the lyrics and, furthermore, she is quite different from any other singer. Her repertoire is original and based on the new trend of tango lyrics which furnishes her with a distinctive feature.

The classic numbers she committed to record are but a few. Her two most popular pieces are: “Ser mina flor de cardo” and “Pompeya no olvida” which were written by two young lyricists: the former by Adriana Turchetti and the latter by Alejandro Szwarcman. The music of both numbers was composed by Javier González, her musical partner from 1989 up to now.

She has premiered a large number of tangos of the last generation. I especially like her milonga-candombe “Casorio al huevo” and “Café abierto”. Also with music by González, the first has lyrics by Alberto Ortiz and the second by our dear friend Héctor Negro.

She was born in the province of Buenos Aires, in Gerli, a locality near the Capital. As a young girl she devoted herself to singing and soon later studied guitar, vocal technique, interpretation and theater with prestigious teachers. She studied at the Escuela de Música Popular of Avellaneda.

Her professional debut was in 1984. With Javier González she recorded five compact discs and is preparing a sixth one that will include new tango pieces. One of them is a number by the Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti.

Despite her youth she carried out a busy career. She appeared at the most important Argentine venues, at national and international festivals in Germany, Finland, Spain, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil where she was honored and awarded. She was the singer of “Pompeya no olvida” at the Festival SADAIC for unpublished tangos in 1998 when she won the third prize.

In 1993 she was summoned by Osvaldo Piro to join his orchestra and for the recording of his album Minón Tango. In 2005, 2008 and 2009 Piro invited her again and she sang at the Teatro Libertador of Córdoba and at the Festival de La Falda along with the Orquesta Metropolitana led by the bandoneon player Piro.

As from 1995 she appeared as guest vocalist with the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina «Juan de Dios Filiberto» conducted by Piro, Néstor Marconi and Oscar De Elía. With this aggregation she has appeared at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library), at the Palais de Glace.

In 1996 she appeared alongside Raúl Lavié and José Ángel Trelles at the show Qué has hecho de mí directed by Betty Gambartes. In 2003 and 2008 she was featured at the operita María de Buenos Aires composed by Astor Piazzolla with script by Horacio Ferrer and she made an important tour of Italy where she appeared at 20 recitals.

She has been instructor of vocal technique and interpretation since 1988 and is director of her own school.