Silvana Gregori

Real name: Gregori, Silvana Emilse
Singer and composer
(24 April 1956 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Ricardo García Blaya

scar Himschoot —an unforgettable friend and director of the Club de tango magazine— introduced her to me. He used to collaborate with Silvana in shows which mixed tango, humor and lunfardo poetry.

From her beginnings to nowadays her vocal improvement is evident. She owns an ideal voice for the so-called «tangos reos» and a special charisma to tell their stories. With a great command on stage, her personality imposes an ambivalent mood, very happy at times and at others with a full nostalgia.

She was born in Buenos Aires in El Abasto, Gardel’s neighborhood, and her professional debut as singer was in January 1979 at the Café Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo.

Besides her singing profession, she teaches singing techniques and she is a music therapist. She studied vocal techniques for fourteen years with Lucy Saborido.

She is co-founder of the Grupo de Tango. This entity is devoted to researching subject matters concerning lyricists and composers of our urban music.

She succeeded in bringing back from oblivion old tangos with a humorous side which she interprets with a quite personal charm in her appearances.

Her first compact disc, Tangolero, was released in the late 1995. The musical direction and accompaniment was by Pascual Mamone. Later she released Una arrabalera de hoy (2000) with musical direction by the pianist Julio Domínguez, Tango en esencia (2004) in which prestigious musicians were featured and Soñando en tango (2006), accompanied by Mamone (bandoneon), Nicolás Ledesma (piano) and Daniel Buono (string bass).

As for her international activity, on several occasions she appeared at the Viva el Tango festivals held in Montevideo, Uruguay. Furthermore, in 1998 she traveled to Spain to sing at the 10th Festival of Tango in Granada and to which she returned several times. On that occasion she also performed in Germany and Portugal.

In January 2006 she appeared at the Café Massaveu 55, Oviedo, Spain. In February she was at the 4th Festival de Tango de la Costa del Sol, in Benalmádena (Spain). In May that year she made a tour of France, invited by the Maison de la Culture of Bourges where she appeared along with the Marcelli-Romero duo in Ourouër-les-Bourdelins, La Borne and Bourges. Later she returned to Spain to perform in Madrid, at the town of Móstoles and in Barcelona.

From April 1997 to March 2001 in Buenos Aires she presented her humorous tango show entitled Una arrabalera de hoy at the Café Tortoni with Julio Domínguez (piano, arrangements and musical direction), Rafael Del Pino (guitar), Ricardo Luna (flute) and Martina Iñíguez (co-scriptwriter).

Since September 1998 she has been coordinating Canto abierto, a song-barroom where the guitar group led by Rafael Del Pino accompanies the singers at the Café Montserrat of Buenos Aires.

Since April 2001 to the present she has been presenting recitals in several Buenos Aires venues: Biblioteca Nacional, Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Academia Nacional del Tango, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Centro York of Olivos, Fandango and Taconeando.

Since 2009 she has been appearing along with the humorist Rudy at the Café Monserrat and Clásica y Moderna staging their show Arrobaleros.