Dafne Zenón Rolón

Real name: Rolón, Dafne Zenón
Pianist and composer
(1886 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

verything is confusing about this author. We know neither when he was born nor when he died. We don’t know either if the oeuvre that is attributed to him is really his own. He was of Black race and was son of the outstanding musician Zenón Rolón who was his teacher.

The possibility that his compositions belonged to his father is not excluded. His father probably had not signed them due to a question of prestige according to prejudices of that time. In fact they were published some years after his father’s death which took place in 1902.

Compositions: “El clavo”, “Firulete” (tangos). The publishing date of “Firulete” is 1911.