Cristina Orozco

Real name: Orozco, María Cristina
(28 July - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he was born in Caballito quartet, Buenos Aires. She began her professional activity as folk singer and, after 2005 she fully devoted to tango. In that year she was awarded at the contest Andá a Cantarle a Gardel, organized by the Secretary of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

She studied singing and vocalization with great teachers: Alba Solís and Vicky Buchino. From 2006 to the present she attends the Seminars of Interpretation taught by Susana Rinaldi.

She was the winner of the Pre Cosquín 2009, branch Capital. She has appeared along with several singers: Néstor Fabián, Nelly Vázquez, María Garay and Carlos Cristal. She performed at many important venues: Taconeando, La Bohemia Café Concert, Teatro Colonial of San Telmo, Flores Tango Show, Club Inca of Belgrano, Café Montserrat, Esquina Osvaldo Pugliese, Casa del Tango, Viejo Correo, Centro Cultural Julián Centeya and Academia Porteña del Lunfardo. She also appeared in cities of the Greater Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and the interior of the country: La Casa del Tango of San Fernando, Teatro Roma of Avellaneda and Hotel Ramada of Vicente López, Casino of the Hotel Provincial and Sheraton Hotel.

Her first CD —an independent release— was La pausa para el tango Vol. 1 which was presented in Cosquín 2010. And her second compact disc was released in 2010.

Her songbook includes classic tangos, among them, “Recuerdo”, “Manoblanca”, “Nada”, “Pasional”. As from 2009 she has begun to include new pieces by contemporary songwriters and since 2010, numbers of her own.

Her renditions are aired by several national and foreign radio stations. She takes part frequently at the La Mesa del Café forum of Todo Tango.

According to her own words: «The best award is the one I get from people day after day with their support and their applause. I go on studying and discovering new pages of the great book that narrates in each tango its three-minute stories. Because, I think, tango is that way... always with something new hidden in a chord or in a word. Because of that is so great, because of that it is here to stay».