Alberto Poggi

Real name: Poggi, Alberto Santiago
(25 April 1880 - 1962)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

ven though he was far from being a popular musician he did not look down on with disdain composing tangos in the first decade of the twentieth century. His specialty was salon music and he wrote a large number of pieces of that kind, some of which —the most well known— we mention below.

He was also music publisher because he continued with the company his father David Poggi founded in 1860 until it closed towards 1923.

As a curious thing we highlight that in a phone directory of the Capital city of 1950 his address Acoyte 76 and his phone number 60-5416 had appeared.

We can stand out the following of his pieces: “A la gran flauta”, “El cosquilloso”, “La vista engaña”, “No le hagas caso”, “No me parece”, “¡Qué cosa bárbara!”, “Don Clemente” (tangos); “Je sait tout”, “Sans coeur”, “Son flores”, “Caras y caretas” (waltzes); “Yguazú” (schottisch), “Centenario” (two-step); “Rose d'amour” (minuet); “A moi seul” (gavotte); “Dichosa” (mazurka); “La poupée” (polka); “En la soledad” (school song); “Gualeguaychú [b]” (military march).