Pacífico Lambertucci

Real name: Lambertucci, Pacífico Víctor
Nicknames: Jacinto Lucero
Drummer, guitarrist, pianist and composer
(7 May 1891 - 16 July 1976)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

n his beginnings he played an eleven-string guitar in the trio of the bandoneonist Ricardo Brignolo that also included the violinist Enrique Modesto. He played in small groups with Adolfo Pérez (Pocholo) and the bandoneon player Luis Bossi (Luiggin).

He had a successful tenure with the orchestra of the violinist and composer Carlos Minotti that appeared at the café La Paloma on the corner of Maldonado (today Juan B. Justo) and Santa Fe.

When the guitar was no longer popular in the tango orchestras he became a pianist and headed several aggregations that played at dancehalls and made tours of the interior of the country until 1935 when he quit his professional activity.

But his greatest devotion was for composition. His oeuvre was prolific and among his numbers we can highlight his tango "Carne de cabaret" which bore lyrics by Luis Roldán and was recorded by Carlos Gardel and also by Roberto Firpo as an instrumental.

Alfredo De Angelis committed to record three of his numbers: the tangos "Amarrete", instrumental, "En la noche de tus ojos" with words by Francisco García Jiménez which was cut with Carlos Dante on vocals and, also with the latter, the waltz "Pampa y cielo" with lyrics by Lambertucci himself.

There is also a rendition by Francisco Canaro with vocals by Guillermo Rico –by that time, Guillermo Coral- of "En la noche de tus ojos". A hard-to-get recording.

His waltz "Mariposa" was recorded by Enrique Rodríguez with Armando Moreno on vocals. He wrote the lyrics of the tango "En voz baja" composed by Luis Bossi of which we only know a rendering by Susana Rinaldi. Furthermore he was an impresario and run his own music publishing house in the forties.

Other numbers of his we can highlight are his tangos: "Alma criolla", "Arolas", "Buena suerte", "Cinco y cinco", "El espectro", "El flechazo", "En la noche de mi vida", "La costurerita", "La historia de siempre", "Llorando mis penas", "Martirios", "Viejo farolito" with words by his son Roberto Lambertucci which was recorded by Osvaldo Fresedo with the vocalist Ricardo Ruiz, "Viejo taller" and "Nelly", dedicated to the actress Camila Quiroga.