José Pascual

Real name: Pascual, José
Pianist, bandleader, composer and arranger
(28 September 1910 - 2 November 1978)
Place of birth:
(Tucumán) Argentina
Horacio Ferrer

ue to his temper and musical style he can be placed within the piano trend opened by Francisco De Caro, Osvaldo Pugliese and Armando Federico. He was regarded as one of the outstanding piano players in tango.

He began in 1925 as member of a juvenile trio with Alfredo De Franco and Lucas Di Salvo. By that time he joined the orchestras led by Eugenio Nobile.Pedro Maffia and by José De Caro. Thereafter he was sideman in the sextet headed by Elvino Vardaro from its inception in 1933 until 1937. With the leader he shared all the stages of the revolutionary tango conception of the aggregation and furthermore he contributed with his own ideas for the charts of the group.

Later he played with Ciriaco Ortiz; he temporarily led the backup aggregation for Francisco Fiorentino and co-led an outfit with Miguel Zabala (Zabalita).

He played in the orchestra fronted by the bandoneon player Jorge Argentino Fernández at the recording sessions for Pampa records. With the latter he appeared on television in a series of performances as a piano and bandoneon duo.

He composed the first-level tango “Arrabal” which is precursor of Laurenz’s “De antaño”, Troilo’s “Onda brava”, and Pugliese’s “La beba”. They all share the same vein and may be regarded as «modern tango-milonga».

He also released the following numbers: “Memorial”, “Mi ruego”, “Acusándote”, “Unos pasos”, “Turbión de recuerdos”.