e was born in the neighborhood of Almagro (Buenos Aires city), and in his teen years he appeared at the Astral and Presidente Alvear theaters, at the festivals where he was studying: the Ingeniero Huergo Industrial School. He was finalist at a contest at the Tango Bar on Corrientes Street which conducted by Luis Mela and he appeared at the competition organized by the Cantando magazine on Radio Splendid.

After 1955 he sang in the juvenile orchestras led by Jorge Aguirre, Dante Yanel and Quique Lanoo. Also with Enrique Brocato at the Confitería Richmond on Suipacha Street and at the intermission shows in the movie theaters.

In 1958 the aggregation headed by Luis Salvadeo —Marcuccito— won the contest Orquestas de mi Ciudad on Radio Libertad which included, among others, José Colángelo, Mauricio Marcelli and Fernando Suárez Paz. That same year he made his debut in the Ángel Genta’s orchestra on Radio Splendid and at the Confitería Mi Club.

Between 1959 and 1964 he sang in the Luciano Leocata Orchestra. They appeared on Radio Belgrano and at the cabarets Marabú and Avión of La Boca. By that time they cut three radio takes: “Con la otra”, “Baldosa floja” and “Una lagrimita” that were released in 1980.

In 1964 he began his career as soloist. He appeared on Radio Belgrano with the Leopoldo Federico Orchestra at the season The history of tango under the leadership of Julio De Caro and Armando Discépolo. Also on Radio Argentina and in shows, accompanied by his trio, that included Antonio Nevoso (Bebe), Abel Terrile and Coco Fernández.

In 1966 he appeared on Channel 7 with Osvaldo Rizzo —Pichuquito— and with Quique Lanoo; on Channel 13 in Tango Revista and, on Channel 2 with Rubén Aldao in Sábado dos. That year he recorded 19 numbers, 8 with Juan Carlos Bera, 4 with Jorge Dragone, 6 with Jorge Arduh and one with Oscar Cardozo Ocampo in the labels Discofonía, Hispavox (Chile) and Sonolux (Colombia).

Between 1967 and 1968 he recorded other 8 numbers with Dragone for the Disc Jockey label, among them: “Soy mersa y qué” by the humorist Landrú and joined the La Embajada del Tango along with Floreal Ruiz, Alberto Echagüe and Mario Bustos, among others. He appeared at the TV show emceed by Julio Jorge Nelson on Channel 2.

In 1970 he made a break in his career as singer and devoted to a job as technician in Encotel (Empresa Nacional de Correos y Telégrafos). In 1993 he quit the company and returned to show business. He recorded 12 pieces with the Nevoso’s group for the Almalí label and appeared at different venues. In 1994 and up to 1996 he was featured on television in the program emceed by Lionel Godoy, La noche con amigos; with Luis Pedro Toni in Reporter del Espectáculo and in the tango shows of Crónica TV.

In 1999 he was again summoned by Leocata to record for the Vaivén label ten numbers of his own also featuring Yolanda Fresedo. In 2002 he sang at the Teatro Alvear with the Orquesta del Tango de Buenos Aires, conducted by Carlos García, in a homage paid to maestro Leocata.

In 2007 he re-mastered some old recordings and released the compact disc Hoy he venido a cantar which was presented at the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo in May 2008. Now he still practices vocalization. His passion for tango and his voice are intact and he now sings at shows and parties.