La Mari

Real name: Maucci, María
(1 February - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

his beautiful fair-haired girl was born in Buenos Aires in the neighborhood of Palermo and from her mother, a fan of Carlos Gardel, she inherited the liking for tango.

His early tango memories date back to age three when she used to sing “Fumando espero” in the bath. At age six she was already singing “Che papusa oí” and “Mano a mano” in a duet with one of her uncles that was guitar strummer and singer.

As the time passed that liking for singing declined until she heard of the female singer Silvana Gregori and her group of amateur singers. The idea of singing again the tangos of her childhood encouraged her. Since then, thanks to Silvana, her early memories or fate, the tango that was sung in the outskirts became an important item for her.

Ricardo Canaveri Marcos, a great collector and dear friend, made her get acquainted with the best of that peculiar and almost forgotten style. Thereafter for a time she frequented a great number of coteries, singers’ circles and venues where to practice repertoire and vocal technique.

On her way to become a professional she has appeared in a large number of shows. Mario Marmo, Héctor Vennera, Pascual Mamone and Oscar Ferrari were some of her teachers.

Among her most outstanding appearances we can point out: the show Historias de amor en tango y algo más at the Esquina Osvaldo Pugliese; the tango gala at the Hotel Libertador; shows alongside Osvaldo Martín at the Esquina Homero Manzi; show Las minas del tango at the Confitería Ideal; and her appearances at the Café Tortoni, La Maga, Museo del Tango, La Trastienda, Café Teatro, Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Los 36 Billares and at several venues of the city of Mar del Plata.

On television she sang in the program Grandes Valores del Tango. At theater she appeared in the Tito Rivadeneira’s play Qué pebeta codiciada at the Café Teatro and in Mishiadura y Metejón written by Jorge Palacio (Faruk) and Rivadeneira under the direction of Héctor Malamud in the Escala de San Telmo, at the Teatro de la Comedia and at the Café Teatro.

She published her first disc in 2008 which was musically directed by Héctor Vennera.