Domingo Greco

Real name: Greco, Domingo
Guitarist, pianist and composer
(5 February 1881 - 3 September 1938)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e began his musical career a little before the Centenary playing at cheap venues in the province of Buenos Aires. Thereafter he switched to the cafés with waitresses in the neighborhood of La Boca.

In that neighborhood, so important for tango before it moved downtown, he appeared along with his brother Vicente at the Café La Turca with a trio that also included the guitarist Ricardo Gaudenzio, the composer of “El chupete”.

Later, in 1910, Vicente formed the Orquesta Típica Criolla Greco, in which Domingo played guitar in the early recordings of the outfit. They are as well the first recordings of a tango orchestra and date back to 1911 and were cut for Columbia.

In 1912 he either played piano or guitar. He played both instruments intuitively and his piano interpretations kept some ways and resources typical of the guitar playing.
They appeared at the Café El Estribo, at the Armenonville and at the Rodríguez Peña, among others. The orchestra was lined up with: Lorenzo Labissier and Vicente Greco (bandoneons), Domingo (piano), Vicente Pecci —El Tano— (flute) and Juan Abatte —Palito—, sometimes replaced by Francisco Canaro on violin.

His tenure in the orchestra lasted until 1915 when he started as piano soloist and, sometimes, as sideman in different groups that played at suburban venues and in towns of the interior.

The following pieces he composed are his outstanding numbers: “A mi ñata Colette Darly”, “Brujo”, “Che cambacita”, “Dolly”, “Don Juan Carlos”, “El bulín de la alegría”, “Eso es bailar”, “Flor del barrio”, “Florencia”, “La morochita”, “La tanita”, “Martín Fierro”, “Mi guitarra”, “¡Qué muñeca!”, “¿Qué querés?”, “Una tirada”, “Verdurita”, “Zazá” (tangos); “Las otras noches” (shimmy).

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