Ricardo Gaudenzio

Real name: Gaudenzio, Carlos Ricardo
Violinist and composer
(1890 - 25 January 1960)
Place of birth:

e belongs to the same generation of violinists like Francisco Canaro, Tito Roccatagliata, Eduardo Ponzio and Alcides Palavecino.

As from 1908, he joined the different aggregations that Vicente Greco, aka Garrote, led and that appeared at the Café La Turca of La Boca. The first one was a trio that included one of the Garrote’s brothers, the guitarist Domingo Greco.

They appeared at other venues, among them La Glorieta on Las Heras Avenue. This time with a larger group which had Antonio Diéguez as second violin and the pianist Marcos Ramírez.

Also along with Greco he played at the cabaret Montmartre around 1914. Thereafter he was member of the orchestra fronted by Augusto Berto.

He composed a tango of a lasting importance, “El chupete”, which can be associated in his mood and musical style with the work of musicians of the level of Agustín Bardi, Raimundo Petillo, Atilio Lombardo and Graciano De Leone. Among the remainder of his oeuvre two tangos stand out: “Castigando” and “Es de ley”.

One curious information: he was office boy at the National Congress.