Juan Bergamino

Real name: Bergamino, Juan Mariano Carlos
Guitarist, pianist, singer and composer
(23 July 1875 - 8 August 1959)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e belonged to the generation of pioneers of the River Plate tango known as La Guardia Vieja. He cut several recordings for the Pathé label as singer and guitar soloist.

We can mention three of his few compositions: “El estancado”, “El monito [b]” (previous to the tango with the same title by Julio De Caro) and “Joaquina” (or La China Joaquina) that he dedicated to the dancer and ballroom owner Joaquina Marán. The latter is undoubtedly his most famous piece.

He was godfather of Carlos Posadas’s son, one of his great friends and, for that reason, the latter dedicated to him his tango “El gringo [b]”.