Leopoldo Corretjer

Real name: Corretjer, Leopoldo
Composer and director
(1862 - 1941)
Place of birth:
Barcelona (Barcelona) Spain

e was born in Barcelona where he studied music composition and instrumentation at the Conservatorio del Liceo.

He settled in Buenos Aires in 1887 and he achieved the position of music teacher through competitive examinations at the Consejo Nacional de Educación (National Board of Education). He was as well music inspector at the Capital Federal schools.
At the celebration of the Centennial of the May Revolution at the Plaza del Congreso he conducted a choir with 30.000 school children accompanied by a 500-piece band. They sang and played the Argentine National Anthem.

He was also a harmony teacher. One of his students was the tango composer Eugenio De Alarcón. He also wrote many tangos composed by musicians who were unable to write their music on paper, among them was Manuel Campoamor.

He died in Buenos Aires. The following are worthwhile mentioning among his tango pieces: “Don Viruta y Chicharrón”, “El afilador”, “La Razón”, “Mate a medias”, “Mi negra” and “Apuntá pa’ otro lao”.

We must also highlight his important oeuvre as author and composer of school songs like “Saludo a la bandera” and the “Himno a Sarmiento” that are still sung at the Argentine schools. He also wrote a “Himno a Rivadavia”. Other compositions of his are: “El gaucho [b]”, “El ombú” (stylization of national airs); “Go ahead” (march); “Voilá” (pas de quatre) and numerous choral works.