Antonino Cipolla

Real name: Cipolla, Antonino Adelino
Nicknames: Blas Laszaco
Violinist, pianist and composer
(24 December 1889 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Agnone (Isernia) Italy

e was born in Agnone (Italy) and studied violin with Ercole Galvani and harmony with Gaetano Troiani. Despite his formal training he devoted himself to popular art and as from 1910 he joined many orchestras such as the one led by Ernesto de la Cruz. In his latter years he worked as pianist.

His pieces that stand out are: “A mí nunca me mordió un chancho”, “Atilio”, “Centenario”, “El maximalista”, “El puma”, “Idilio”, “Nuevo auxilio”, “Pasame un mate china”, “Sonaste viejo”, “Un buen gaucho”, “Juan Sin Ropa”. The above are all tangos, the waltz “Ondas azules” and the pasodoble “Granuja”.