Próspero Cimaglia

Real name: Cimaglia, Próspero
Flautist, mandolinist, guitarist, pianist, leader and composer
(1876 - 29 July 1933)
Place of birth:

rom 1905 or before he run his own conservatory: First Academy of Mandolin, Violin and Music Reading located on 1986 Charcas Street, Buenos Aires.

In 1912, he recorded for Columbia Record some mandolin solos and, on other tracks that included tangos, he led his Rondalla Terceto Cimaglia, comprised with guitar, violin and mandolin.

We found the following sheet music copies that evidence his work as composer: the tangos “A la vuelta”, “Che Nación”, “El curioso”, “El merengue”, “El bollitero”, “Pabellón de las rosas [b]”, “Quitale el machete al chafe”, “Una noche de garufa [b]”, tango with the same title as the one composed by Eduardo Arolas; the estilo “Pedigüeño” and the waltz “Amor y primavera [b]” which we must not mistake for the famous one written by Emil Waldteufel which bears the same name.