Adriana Nano

Real name: Nano, Adriana
(18 September - )
Place of birth:
San Miguel (Buenos Aires) Argentina

he was born in San Miguel, Province of Buenos Aires. She studied singing with the teachers Helga Epstein, Sergio Tulián and Noemí Souza and, also, wind instruments, piano and guitar playing. She furthered her musical studies at the well-known Academia Musicale Chigiana, of Siena, Italy, run by maestro Giorgio Favaretto. Her interest for art made her study and graduate as architect and simultaneously carry out both professions. She appeared as soloist at concerts of chamber and choral groups with a classical repertoire.

She recorded extensively. Her first compact disc, Alguien (1998), was arranged and recorded under the musical direction of Oscar Cardozo Ocampo. It includes classic numbers and unreleased compositions by Jorge Lazbal. Some of them were sung in four editions of the Festival OTI Iberoamericano de la Canción; they were awarded the third prize in 1994 and the second in 1995, 1996 and 1999.

Her second disc, Para partir siempre (1999) —entirely with tangos—, includes traditional numbers and the original version of the Enrique Bacalov’s song “El sol de mi piel” from the Spanish film Frontera sur (in Argentina was released as América mía). The arrangements and musical direction were in charge of Esteban Morgado and Oscar Cardozo Ocampo. The following album was Adriana Nano y los Bandoneones de Buenos Aires, nominated as best tango album for the Latin Grammy 2003. The charts were penned by Roberto Calvo, Walter Ríos and Osvaldo Requena.

In 2004, she released Buenos Aires, Viaje, nominated for the Latin Grammy 2005 and a double nomination for the Gardel 2006 awards, in two versions, a disc and a book-disc. With it she embarks on poetic and musical trip —supported with photographs of Buenos Aires—, arranged and conducted by maestro Roberto Calvo. Five years later she released Presencia, nominated for the Gardel 2007 awards. It is a tribute to maestro Oscar Cardozo Ocampo who died in a car crash. In that disc we find material with tapes recorded by the pianist himself.

Adriana defines the concept of what she does when she says: «Tango is a music that is written with a commitment deep from the soul and which shows who we were, what we are and that invites us to a rebirth; It is in every inside, every street, on every street corner. But it wouldn’t be meaningful if the street corner of my soul had never found yours». Lastly, the good news of a new compact disc entitled Cebolla en Aceite with which she was nominated for the category Best Album as tango female artist for the Gardel 2009 Awards.