Ana Schneider de Cabrera

Real name: Schneider de Cabrera, Ana
Nicknames: Anastasio Leiva
Guitarist and composer
(14 December 1890 - 15 May 1970)
Place of birth:
Simoca (Tucumán) Argentina

he was born in Simoca, province of Tucumán. She belonged to the same generation to which the famous sculptor Lola Mora and the outstanding poet, writer and singer Alma García belonged. According to León Benarós, her European ancestry «was no obstacle at all for her total identification with the native things, which, furthermore she deeply felt as Argentine».

She was a guitarist and composer of folk songs and tangos. She used on some occasions the pen name Anastasio Leiva. Furthermore, during her stay in the city of Córdoba she studied classical guitar with the renowned Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia.

As recognition for her experience, the Ministry of Public Instruction sent her to Europe in 1926 to play concerts and give lectures about Argentine and American music in Madrid and at the Sorbonne in Paris.

In her career she was billed with figures of the level of Andrés Chazarreta and Atahualpa Yupanqui. She was present in the beginnings of our broadcasting and recorded for the Odeon label.

In her youth she composed several tangos. Some of them were published by the Breyer and Ortelli publishing houses: “De ida y vuelta”, “Pero has visto che”, “Zinny”, “Te quiero mucho mi negro”, “Avisame si te gusta”, “Tan churito”, “El 18 de infantería”, “¿Cómo se llama?”, “Aroma criollo”, “Es dulce tu boquita”, “El 42 (Mi patroncito)”, “La parejita”.

She was a true ambassador that spread our folk art and, with her talent, she contributed with an important work to the Argentine cultural and musical heritage. She besides played our urban music.

Additional source: Crónica de Héctor García Martínez, en Cuadernos de difusión del tango, de Salvador Arancio.