Eduardo Bolter Bulterini

Real name: Bulterini, Eduardo Argentino
Pianist, teacher and composer
(26 April 1894 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Baradero (Buenos Aires) Argentina

mong other tangos he composed: “Está muy cerca de la aviación”, “Flor del aire” that was committed to record in 1998 by the pianist Bill Matthiesen and earliear, in 1915, by Celestino Ferrer; “Lalita”, “La querencia”, “L'Atelier” «Dedicated to my beloved and distinguish friend Alberto López Buchardo», “Ultima Hora a 5” and the obscene title, “Al palo” (hard-on).

On the sheet music copies the name of this composer appears as Eduardo A. Bolter Bulterini (hijo) but in the research made by the Instituto de Estudio sobre el Tango included in the Antología del Tango Rioplatense del Instituto de Musicología Carlos Vega, he is mentioned as Italo E. Because of that we don’t know if it is the same person or what relationship exists between them.

We know, furthermore, according to the Diccionario Biográfico Ítalo-Argentino of the Asociación Dante Alighieri that the composer and piano and singing teacher Italo E. Bolter Bulterini was born in Milano in 1865 and that he arrived in Buenos Aires in 1889 to devote himself to teaching piano playing and singing. He composed an “Ave María [g]” for soprano; a “Misa de Gloria” for two voices; a symphony and a triumphal march: "Gloria a Mitre" for large orchestra, among others.