Marina Ramírez

Real name: Ramírez, Marina
(4 March 1974 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he was born in Buenos Aires city, and her devotion for folk music appeared at a very young age which together with dancing became her passion. For 6 years she studied folk dances at the institute directed by Juan De Los Santos Amores. She appeared at circles where she danced and sang.

In her teens she studied vocal technique with Libio Bianco (opera singer). She had already discovered tango but she dare not to sing it. She met Carlos Rossi, a singer and teacher, and with him she performed in the genre for the first time. Nowadays she continues furthering her studies with him and also studies vocal technique with Claudio Mistral.

She decided to have a wider exposure and was aired by several radio stations: FM Galaxia 105.9 of Villa De Mayo, FM Crisol 92.3 of Los Polvorines, AM Italia 1620, Radio General Belgrano 840, FM La 2x4 92.7. She also appeared on television in several broadcasts by Telered.

She appeared at the Bologna Tango Show and is part of the cast of La Casa del Tango of San Fernando, also at the Bar Quintino of Boedo and the Clarísimo Restobar of San Telmo.

She has recorded some numbers: “Quiero verte una vez más”, “Y te parece todavía”, “Me han prohibido quererte”, “Rondando tu esquina”, “Cautivo”, “Pasional” and “Amanece” which were released as a demo disc.