Eduardo Arbol Erezcano

Real name: Árbol Erezcano, Eduardo Enrique
Violinist, bassis and composer
(1887 - 10 April 1953)
Place of birth:

e joined, among others of the early days, the orchestra led by Ernesto Ponzio and Juan Carlos Bazán (1932). He was also member of the Anselmo Aieta’s and the Francisco Canaro’s orchestras. He wrote the tango “Sancho Panza”, the milonga “Vieja milonga” and the polka “Celos [b]”. Otros titles: “Agarrate Catalina”, “La llorona [b]”, “Por ti me muero”, “Recordando [b]”, “Varón [b]”.

He died in Buenos Aires on April 10, 1953.