e was born in Córdoba. He started his show business career in the 60s when he made his debut on TV Channel 13 in Sábados circulares emceed by Nicolás Mancera. He also appeared in other programs: Pensión de artistas, Grandes valores del tango and Buenas tardes sábado.

He had the privilege of being acquainted with great musicians, among whom the following stand out: Lucio Demare who summoned him to appear in his mythical San Telmo venue, Malena al Sur; Juan José Paz with whom he shared the bill at the recitals of the Radio Splendid staff orchestra; Osvaldo Tarantino, at the seasons of live music on Radio Municipal of Buenos Aires; Domingo Moles with whom he wrote and recorded a series of tangos in an anthological record entitled: Cúpulas; Máximo Mori who was his partner at the venue Cambalache run by the unforgettable Tania.

El Viejo Almacén was another tango venue in which he appeared to show his peculiar way of saying and feeling tango.

He has shared the stage with great maestros: Horacio Salgán, Armando Cupo, Martín Darré, Carlos García, Roberto Pansera, Carlos Figari and Ángel Domínguez.

His recording activity is quite large, he has recorded over a hundred numbers. His debut on record was with the Baffa-Berlingieri Orchestra, alongside another vocalist, Carlos Paiva. Roberto Goyeneche was the patron for both of them.

In other recordings he was backed up by important musicians like Leopoldo Federico, Fernando Suárez Paz, Oscar Britos, Fernando Cabarcos, Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, Bartolomé Palermo and Osvaldo Avena.

And remembering Osvaldo Avena, we cannot omit mentioning his partner in songwriting, the poet Héctor Negro and their joint decision of choosing Carlos Barral as the messenger of their oeuvre.

He made a tour of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru along with the Tango Trío and was based in New York for several years where he had to replace Horacio Deval. He appeared at different festivals and was nominated for the Premios Gardel in 2004 for his disc Aristocracia arrabalera.

He is author and composer of several tangos, among others: “Con los brazos abiertos”, “Del Abasto al mundo”, “El sueño del pibito”, “Estación Carlos Gardel”, “Que ojo el de don Pascual” and “Tangazo de la gloria”.