Dúo La Propina

Real name: La Propina
Guitars duo
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Nicolás Casares (guitar)
Gabino Arce (guitar)

a Propina is a guitar duo formed by Gabino Arce and Nicolás Casares in the early 2001. Both musicians graduated from the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda where their teachers were Aníbal Arias, Chocho Ruiz, Mauricio Marcelli, Hugo Romero, Juan Carlos Cuacci, among others.

They are composers and play tango and also Argentine folk music. Generally, at their appearances, there is a guest artist, either an instrumentalist or a singer.

In these years they have appeared in different festivals, theaters and cultural centers like the Teatro Roma of Avellaneda, the “Collette” theater of the Paseo La Plaza, the Teatro Colón of Mar del Plata; the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, the Plaza Defensa and del Sur cultural centers; furthermore, at the milongas La Catedral, La Dominguera, the Gardel de Medellín, among others. They have traveled to Chubut and Neuquén.

Their latest recording “De barro y empedrado”, released by an independent label in November 2007, is entirely instrumental and includes some pieces of their own. It is not a traditional guitar approach in which one accompanies and the other solos. The arrangements are thought with an orchestral point of view, or rather as chamber music with guest artists. All the numbers are overdubbed giving the impression, at times, that six guitars are playing simultaneously. Besides they have included other solo instruments: cello, flute, clarinet and piano according to the needs of the pieces.

One of the original numbers included in the disc was composed by Gabino Arce and is entitled “La coartada”. It was awarded as best instrumental tango at the contest “Hugo del Carril 2007”. In December of that year they were invited to appear at the Primer Festival de Tango of Comodoro Rivadavia.

In 2008 they have included the singer Juan Goicoechea at their appearances. With him they appeared at the Torquato Tasso, at the Teatro General San Martin during the “Tango 08” season, at the Teatro Luz y Fuerza and at several dancehalls. In December of that year they won for the second time the “Hugo del Carril” award with the tango “Don Pérez”, composed by Nicolás Casares, at the instrumental tango category.