Carlos Cabrera

Real name: Cabrera, Carlos Alberto
Singer, guitarist, lyricist and composer
(30 June 1940 - )
Place of birth:
La Plata (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born in La Plata (Buenos Aires province), and studied singing with Carmela Giuliano, María de Vega, María Gondell, and singing and repertoire in the Academy run by José Basso and Héctor De Rosas.

He sang at the Club del Vino with the Néstor Marconi trio, appeared at Caño 14 and at the Café Homero with the Atilio Stampone Orchestra. He teamed up with Roberto Goyeneche, Rubén Juárez and Adriana Varela.

He toured our provinces and neighboring countries along with the poet Héctor Negro and the Atilio Stampone Orchestra. With the latter he shared the bill for 25 years.

His tours also included the United States, Geneva and other cities of Europe with Stampone and Leopoldo Federico.

He also appeared at the Tango Festival of La Habana alongside Eladia Blázquez, Héctor Negro and Osvaldo Pugliese.

Furthermore he worked as television emcee and as master of ceremonies introducing shows.

Nowadays among his numerous appearances as a soloist we can highlight: at the Teatro Coliseo Podestá of La Plata, at the Sala Astor Piazzolla of the Teatro Argentino of La Plata; he has been chosen by the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires for the season of Bares Notables (Café de García, 36 Billares, Petit Colón) and to appear at the London City barroom for the Festival La Gran Vía on Avenida de Mayo.

Besides his activity as soloist he runs an academy where he teaches singing and supervises the songbooks of all those who want to delve into popular song.