Dúo De Puro Guapas

Real name: Dúo De Puro Guapas
Dúo de guitarras
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Sandra Antonuci
Alejandra Zangaro
Adriana Ghignone (vocals)

he duo was formed in 2003 with the purpose of refurbishing instrumental tangos of all times. The arrangements are supervised and contributed by maestro Rubén Chocho Ruiz.

They have appeared at venues like: Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Tanguería Almatango, Tanguería Morocho de Arrabal, Café Montserrat, Café Margot (outstanding barrooms), La casona del Teatro, La casona del Teatro, Teatro York de Olivos, Noveno salón Provincial de la guitarra (Teatro Roma de Avellaneda), among many others.

They have performed at numerous radio programs and recorded for the program “Por el tango” (emceed by Nolo Correa), on the “Solo tango” TV channel.

As from 2007 the duo has been part of the show “Guapísimas, mujeres y tango”.

Sandra Antonuci was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1965. She began her guitar studies at the Conservatorio Provincial “Juan José Castro” of La Lucila, with the teachers Graciela Pomponio and Víctor Villadangos and graduated as guitar teacher. She attended different courses and seminars to improve her classical guitar technique and joined different chamber music groups. In 1996 she started her tango studies with maestro Antonio D’Alessandro, specializing in the old style of the Guardia Vieja, and putting together a trio of early tango known as “Aires de Antaño”.

Nowadays she studies interpretation and tango arranging with maestro Rubén Chocho Ruiz. In the latter years she had been carrying out a busy career as teacher in the province of Buenos Aires.

Alejandra Zangaro was born in Buenos Aires in 1961. Since an early age he has begun her studies of music and guitar and has appeared on various occasions at different venues and worked as teacher. In 1979 she entered the Conservatorio Nacional “López Buchardo” and graduated in 1985. During her studies her teacher maestro Jorge Martínez Zárate granted her a scholarship known as “Camping Musical Bariloche". It was a course for furthering guitar techniques then taught by maestro Miguel Angel Girollet.
In 1987 she was admitted at the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (School of Popular Music) and attended the courses of Tango, Folk Music and Jazz styles. She started her tango studies with maestro Rubén Chocho Ruiz with whom she is still studying now. Furthermore she attended different courses and seminars of classical guitar playing. She is a music teacher with a busy schedule in schools for beginners, grade and third level.

Adriana Ghignone is the guest singer. She studied vocal technique and vocal sound improvement with maestros Juan Manuel Miró and Eduardo Espinoza (vocalization). She studied guitar playing and theater. She has appeared as soloist at the contest “Buscando la voz” (1999) at the Club El Talar, of Villa Pueyrredón. She turned out the winner of that contest and was awarded by the recording of a CD “Con el corazón hecho canción”. She appeared in different venues such as Casa del Tango, Café Aleph, Esquina Homero Manzi, Club del Vino, Teatro Coliseo, and Sabor a tango. She was accompanied by figures like maestro Mario Marmo, the Orlando Trujillo Orchestra, U.B. Tango, among others.