Fabián Russo

Real name: Russo, Fabián
Singer, lyricist and composer
(9 July 1963 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

n the early 1980 he published his early poems and stories and was awarded the National Award for Short Story for La sangre en las rodillas.

From 1987 to 1997, he settled in Europe. At the beginning he used to appear at venues or on streets of different countries accompanying himself on guitar with a songbook of tangos and Argentine songs.

He had a busy schedule in the Netherlands. He joined the Viento del Sur ensemble, along with Carel Kraayenhof on bandoneon and Dick van der Harst on guitar. Later he switched to the Sexteto Canyengue, led by Kraayenhof himself.

Between 1990 and 1993, he appeared along with the bandoneonist Alfredo Marcucci, the pianist Juan Pablo Dobal and the guitarist Baltazar Benítez, among others, in duo or trio settings at Dutch theaters. She recorded with the Sexteto Canyengue and composed with Carel Kraayenhof the milonga “¡Taxi!”. He created the Tango Sound Archives of the Royal Museum of the Tropics in Amsterdam.

In 1994, he joined the Quinteto Bailongo as singer in Amsterdam. He appeared at important Dutch theaters along with Alfredo Marcucci and Juan Pablo Dobal.

He made tours of Europe and America with the Quinteto Bailongo and appeared in Buenos Aires alongside the bandoneonist Rodolfo Mederos. He recorded with Bailongo the compact disc Tiempos viejos (Syncoop Records).

He is appointed Académico Correspondiente of the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina and was the first coordinator of the Academy of Tango of the Kingdom of the Nederlands (Tango Akademië van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) between 1993 and 1997.

Around 1997, he returned to Buenos Aires. He was producer and performer at the show Un tango más. He sang at different venues of the city. He appeared in Germany and Holland alongside the pianist Pablo Paredes.

In 1999 he composed the “Milonga para Pepito Avellaneda”, with Domingo Federico. He was producer and performer in a European tour of the Orquesta de Tango de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario, conducted by Domingo Federico.

He also was producer and radio conductor. He produced programs for VPRO Radio, AVRO Radio (Holland) and WDR3 (Germany). In Buenos Aires (2000), with Luis Tarantino he made the program El chamuyo on FM de la Ciudad.

Between 2001 and 2002 he produced the show Tango Frisson for the Casino Cavalaire (Saint Tropez, France). He appeared at venues of Holland, Germany and England.

He joined the Conservatorio de Estilos de Tango Argentino Galván (2003), as teacher of singing and vocal technique and stayed until 2008.

He appeared along with the Fabio Mazurkievicz Tango Trio and the Raúl Ayala Cuarteto. He planned the show Tangos de bohemia, with the group known as El Yeite.

In 2004 he joined the Bien de Abajo orchestra as vocalist and appeared with them at the Café Homero, Academia Nacional del Tango, among other venues. He appeared at the Legislatura porteña summoned for the homage to Julio Sosa.

In 2005 he recorded and published the CD El bardo, with Hernán Reinaudo, Pablo Mainetti, Julián Graciano and Juan Libertella.

He appeared at Esquina Homero Manzi, Teatro Gral. San Martín and Café Tortoni, among others, alongside the Otro Tango duo.

As author and composer, he is regarded as one of the present innovative artists in tango.