Tango en Tres

Real name: Tango en Tres
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Members:Julián Graciano: Guitar, leader and composerSantiago Álvarez: Double bassMarcelo Cóceres: Drums

contemporary tango trio that includes in its repertoire their own numbers and compositions by avant-garde figures like Eduardo Rovira and Horacio Salgán. Through their arrangements and instrumentation they create a new aesthetics and a personal contemporary style from the roots of the genre but with a target in the XXIth century.

Its leader Julián Graciano is Argentine, great grandson, grandson and son of tango musicians. He studied and graduated at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, United States. Furthermore, he studied with Gary Burton, John Scofield, Chucho Valdez, among others.

He has achieved several important awards and is teacher of the Conservatorio Argentino Galván of the Academia Nacional del Tango, and also of the Liceo Superior del Tango and the Seminar about the music of Eduardo Rovira. He has written several teaching books and has appeared at many venues of our country when he was member of the Graciano-Sapir guitar duo.

The double bass player Santiago Álvarez, Argentine, graduated at the Conservatorio Argentino Galván, studied with Domingo Diani, Quique Grecco, Raul Garello, among others. Nowadays he teaches and also plays in Yunta Tango.

Marcelo Cóceres, in his beginnings was self-taught until he studied with Chiche Heger and attended drum seminars with Greg Bisonete and Pipi Piazzolla, among others. He appeared at venues alongside Héctor Varela (h) and his jazz group and, with Julián Graciano he is writing a tango drums method. He now teaches drum playing privately.

This trio appeared at many venues, such as: the Salón Dorado of the Legislatura de Buenos Aires, the Centro Cultural de la Cooperativa, at the Sheraton Hotel –Retiro and on the Radio 2x4.