Daniel Cortés

Real name: Cuffos, Daniel
(n/d - )
Place of birth:

e is a peculiar case for this time. We think he is an orchestra vocalist like those found in the 40s because for 17 years he has been member of the Mariano Mores Orchestra, even though he was not its exclusive singer.

Let us revise his story. In 1969, at age 9, he made his debut in Montevideo at La comparsita. In 1977 he sang at the mythical tango venue Teluria.

He was hired to sing at the cabaret Garufa in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for three years. And in 1982 he travelled to Buenos Aires to appear at the contest of the television show Grandes Valores del Tango.

Between 1982 and 1985 he made several tours of the interior of the country and, two years later, he was hired by Mariano Mores for a show at the Teatro Metropolitan on Corrientes Avenue. Since then he has joined the Mores’s clan and the following year they started a three-year tour of Japan.

He was also hired to sing with the Orquesta Filarmónica del Uruguay and with it he recorded a compact disc which was awarded a Gold Disc.

With the Mores Orchestra he was in a Mar del Plata theater for the season in 1990, later he travelled to Mexico and Spain. In 1992 he appeared at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires. Years later, always with the bandleader, he appeared in England (1995), in Switzerland (1997) and in Chile (1998).

He made a tour of Japan with the group led by Walter Ríos and travelled to Holland with the Color Tango Orchestra.

As a soloist Daniel Cortés appeared along with Beba Bidart in Taconeando and also at the El Viejo Almacén.