Edgardo Martelli

Real name: Martelli, Edgardo
(10 October 1958 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e was born in Floresta, Buenos Aires city. At age eight he began his studies of singing and vocal techniques. He made his first appearances at theatre plays for children in the Cibrián-Campoy company at the Teatro El Globo, and later the show was moved to Mar del Plata.

He resumed his classes of vocalization with Carlos Siniscalco and included in his repertoire melodic numbers and tangos that allowed him to showcase his tenor range. He studied theater with Alejandra Boero. He plays piano and guitar.

He was honored by Libertad Lamarque when she offered him to be his protectress. She herself introduced him in La noche del padrino, a television program aired by Channel 9 of Buenos Aires. This way, before he was 21, Edgardo Martelli’s show business career began and furthermore he was proud of being the only protégé of the leading singer in Argentina.

He made tours of Chile and appeared on the Chilean television alongside international figures: Demis Roussos, Nicola di Bari, Daniel Riolobos. He also performed at the Sheraton Carreras and the Sheraton San Cristóbal hotels, appearing in recitals as a soloist. Furthermore, he visited Mexico where he appeared at luxurious hotels and on television.

He appeared at numerous night venues in Buenos Aires: El Viejo Almacén, La Ventana, La Casa de las Hermanas Berón, Michelángelo, Café Tortoni, Almatango, among others. And on several occasions he appeared at the Festival Internacional de Tango de Buenos Aires.

In his latter tours he visited Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Colombia with the Tango FIRE company. He appeared on Friday nights at the late show of «esquina Homero Manzi» and in the program Por siempre tango emceed by Silvio Soldán on TV Channel 26.