Sandra Savoia

Real name: Savoia, Sandra
(23 July 1967 - )
Place of birth:
Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires) Argentina

he was born in Bahía Blanca, provincia de Buenos Aires. José, Sandra’s father, used to fill their home with tangos, waltzes and milongas and she accompanied him in order to witness his performances. But then she had no intention of following his father’s steps. He died when she was thirteen.

One day she decided to sing and so she appeared along with Juan Carlos Polizzi (March 2003) at the Metropolitan tearoom of her city. She sang “Nostalgias

She studied singing with Karina Di Virgilio but she follows the interpretive style that her father taught her and whose personality is ever present in her appearances and so she dedicates to him each of her performances.

In 2005, Mario Grossi summoned her to sing in the Orquesta del Tango de Bahía Blanca. There she appeared alongside Luis Filipelli, Reynaldo Martín, Abel Córdoba, Néstor Rolán and José Ángel Trelles. Furthermore she had the chance to record four numbers with that aggregation.

For her second appearance, maestro Grossi asked her if she knew the tango “El Gordo triste”. She answered that she did when in fact she only knew its title. Then she read the long lyrics, with incomprehensible metaphors and, a few hours before the show she concentrated on listening to the only rendition she had. She copied the lines with large characters and stuck them on a wall while she did the household work. At the recital she achieved an excellent result.

Among the musicians that collaborated with her we can mention: Luis Cicive, Alberto Haedo, Bocha Rabitti and Aníbal Vitali. Now she appears with the pianist Víctor Volpe and the Grupo Volpe Tango Contemporáneo.

She appeared at different regional festivities, at the Feria de la Industria del Sur Argentino (FISA) and, in Bahía Blanca, at the Club Argentino, at the Club Villa Mitre, in the Asociación de Tango, at the Club Universitario and in different anniversaries of nearby localities.

She was at the 8ª Cumbre Mundial del Tango, held in March 2009 in Bariloche. Furthermore, she is a frequent visitor to the Todo Tango forum: La Mesa del Café.