Mariel Dupetit

Real name: Dupetit, Mariel
(n/d - )
Place of birth:

irst Argentine artist, winner of the Gaviota de Plata as Mejor Intérprete (Best Performer) at the Festival de Viña del Mar, Chile.

In 1986 she recorded for CBS her first album, Mariel Dupetit, which includes the number “Una ciudad para vivir”, a song that has become the representative tune of Mar del Plata and because of that she is the cultural ambassador of that city. Her second disc as ballad singer was “Corramos a amarnos”.

There, at Tío Curzio, she shared the bill alongside great figures: Armando Manzanero, Luis Aguilé, Antonio Prieto and Nicola Di Bari. She was awarded the Premio Estrella de Mar for the show Para Comenzar la Vida, along with Paz Martínez.

Far from her land, tango won her heart. It happened when she was invited for an eight-month tenure at the Tropicana Club of the Fontainbleu Hilton of Miami, at the show directed by Eber Lobato. Also in Tributo a Piazzolla at the Modern Art Museum and at other venues of that city. She made tours of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Italy.

In 2006, in the United States, Universal Records released her disc Tangos. On her comeback to Argentina she appeared at a series of shows entitled Ensayo, with Walter Ríos, at Pigmalión, at the Torcuato Tasso, among others.

Melopea published a new disc, Tarde de Julio, along with the Walter Ríos Trío. It is a work derived from the concerts shared by Walter and Mariel.

It is a harmonious vocal and instrumental repertoire in which classic and contemporary tangos were nicely blended. It is the first time maestro Ríos recorded an album alongside a female singer.

She is fond of live performances, she enjoys the direct contact with the audience, and she has command of four languages which allows her to present her shows in English, French and Italian.