Las Rositas

Real name: Las Rositas
Violin, viola and piano trio
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Gabriela Palma (violin)
Cecilia Palma (viola)
Ana Belén Disandro (piano)

hese three young women, one from Córdoba, the others from the Patagonia, form a very original trio, quite different from the ones we are used to in tango.

The three possess a solid academic training and carried out their incipient career in the province of Córdoba.

In December 2007 they were awarded the first prize at “La Segunda Selección de Conjuntos Orquestales de Tango 2007”. This contest was aired by the “Solo Tango” TV channel and over seventy-five orchestral groups from all over the country took part of it. The contestants were duos, trios, quartets, quintets and even orchestras with more than sixteen members. The award was the possibility of recording their first album which was to be cut by Euro Records.

This atypical trio plays a book, mostly with their own arrangements, which goes from Carlos Gardel to Ástor Piazzolla, and including Agustín Bardi, Julián Plaza, José Dames, Mariano Mores and Osvaldo Pugliese.

The repertoire includes well-known tangos of the early years and contemporary ones. Their renditions of “La yumba”, “El firulete”, “Por una cabeza”, “Fuimos”, “Gallo Ciego”, “Libertango” stand out and they evidence a delicate subtlety of interplay.

The three players succeed in transmitting a careful unique emotion with a fine treatment that expresses a contemporary vision of the classics, without disregarding their essence.

On July 25, 2008 in Buenos Aires they presented their first recording entitled “Estaciones” at the Academia Nacional del Tango.