Hugo Araujo

Real name: Araujo, Hugo
(1 January 1976 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

his young representative of popular music combines his passion for tango and an interest in the revival of tango magic in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

He studied vocal techniques with several teachers as Graciela Mozzoni and Magdalena León.

In 2001 he joined the art staff of the Secretaría de Cultura de Tres de Febrero, and he shared the stage with Teresa Parodi, Juan Darthés, Chango Spasiuk, Abel Pintos, among others.

In 2003 he was included as vocalist in the guitar trio led by Bartolomé Palermo, appearing at: the Teatro Margarita Xirgu, the Centro Cultural Julián Centeya, the Auditorio BAUEN, the Torquato Tasso, at the AB hall of the Centro Cultural General San Martín, among others.

In the late 2003 Araujo released his first recording: Milonga para una guitarra, under musical direction of Bartolomé Palermo.

In the late March 2007 he published his second disc: Te apuesto un tango, which was carefully planned and prepared and, again, was arranged and directed by Palermo. It includes a variety of classic numbers: “Que me van a hablar de amor”, “A bailar”, “Marioneta”, mixed with contemporary pieces: “Café del estaño” (Moavro-Lacruz), “Tango a mi barrio” (Moavro-Barral) and “Ella se fue” (Alfredo Tape Rubín), among others.

In June 2004 he made a tour of Europe (Holland and Belgium). In 2005 and 2006 he continues appearing at different venues in the Capital and the Greater Buenos Aires, alongside Carlos Barral, Lalo Fuentes, Roberto Caracol Paviotti, María Garay, Carlos Rossi.

In October 2007 he appeared along with the Palermo 5 String Quartet at the XII Festival Guitarras del Mundo, sponsored by the Secretaría de Cultura of the city of Buenos Aires and directed by Juan Falú.

At the present (2008) he’s producing his new album with the Cuarteto Catenacho.