Nora Bilous

Real name: Bilous, Nora
Singer, lyricist and composer
(19 December - )
Place of birth:

he is one of the outstanding singers of the present time. Her songbook combines classic tangos with well-written numbers of her own.

As from 2003 to nowadays she has appeared at the most important venues in Buenos Aires. Because of their history we highlight her appearances in two of them: the mythical Café Tortoni and the Café de los Angelitos. At the latter, since 2007.

Her first recording Tango - Encanto de Mujer (2004) appeared as her best introduction to the public. Either the specialized critics or the public recognized her as «a singer that exceeds the natural resources with technique and a praiseworthy capacity of interpretation».

In December 2005 she presented her second recording Desde otro lado which was also well received and in which she begins to display her leanings as singer-songwriter.

In 2007 she produced, recorded and published her third disc, Presente, along with the pianist Juan Rivero who wrote the arrangements and directed the sessions. With this release she grew as poet, bringing forth luminous and fresh verses through an uninhibited pleasant rendering.

Her new material was well received by the critics. In the liner notes are enclosed the comments of Raúl Garello, Juanjo Domínguez and Armando Rolón.

In December 2007 she was selected together with Juan Rivero, Dúo Bilous-Rivero, at the talent contest for the Programación Cultural de los Bares Notables 2008, organized by the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Nowadays she is appearing at the Esquina de Homero Manzi, at Clásica y Moderna, at the Café Homero, among other tango venues.