Noelia Moncada

Real name: Moncada, Noelia
(10 November 1980 - )
Place of birth:
Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina

his beautiful girl born in Rosario began her career at age 10 as member of choirs in which she was featured as soloist. Years later she appeared at the Encuentro Juvenil de Cultura (1996) in the province of Santa Fe and she turned out winner as soloist singer.

In 1997 she started her singing studies with professor Graciela Mozzoni with whom she still is studying today.

The following year she again appeared at the Encuentro Juvenil de Cultura and was awarded the first prize once more. On this occasion she introduced her first tango songbook.

For a time she carried out her art vocation inside tango, performing not only as singer but also as dancer. At the same time she continued her studies at the Escuela Provincial de Música de Rosario (Provincial School of Music of Rosario) and stood out in piano, folk music and ear training techniques, and in the Escuela de Música de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Music School of the University of Rosario) in music composition.

In 2000 and 2001 she recorded a disc under the auspices of the Undersecretary of Culture of her province. She appeared as backup singer for Amelita Baltar at the show staged at the Humberto de Nito amphitheater.

She premiered and performed alongside Horacio Ferrer the tango “Poema en sí mayor” in the presentation of the book Palabra de Tango written by Miguel Jubany, president of the Academia de Tango de Rosario.

She appeared at the Café Tortoni (Buenos Aires) with the show El Tango de los Amantes and performed at the Quinta Cumbre Mundial de Tango as soloist.

Thereafter she was winner of the Pre-Cosquin festival 2001 as Female Tango Vocalist.

From this important experience Paredón y después... Tango resulted, a show that was put together along with Pablo Covacevich (guitarist) and the dancers Ramiro and Nora. There she appeared as singer and made her debut, also, as dancer.

She recorded an independent compact disc entitled as her own show.

In the late 2001 she was consecrated as winner of the «Hugo Del Carril» contest as Female Tango Singer.

Since then she has been continuously working, with shows at different places of the country and some tours abroad, one of them to Japan.