Juan Vivas

Real name: Vivas, Juan Enrique
(20 July 1948 - 18 September 2015)
Place of birth:
Avellaneda (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born in the tough city of Avellaneda, foretelling a fate that he built with solid codes based on respect, friendship and an inalienable feeling for tango.

Still wearing short trousers and to confirm his identification with the Buenos Aires music he began to show his willingness to be a singer in every party organized by his elementary school. He then was accompanied by the great guitarists of the period like Juan Carlos Gorrías, Quico Niz, José Ortiz, Isidro Rodríguez or Antonio Molina.

In 1970 his dream of singing alongside the great figures such as Floreal Ruiz, Jorge Casal, Rodolfo Lesica and Argentino Ledesma came true at the coteries then organized by the Wilde Sporting Club. Soon thereafter and now as a professional he boasted his singing at different venues sharing the stage with Alberto Morán, Charlo, Armando Laborde and Alberto Marino. Teaming up with the latter he performed the waltz “Tu olvido” in more than one occasion.

In 1972 he made his first international tour as member of the company headed by Nélida and Nelson Ballet and appeared at the venues of the Sheraton hotels throughout the American continent during that year.

On his comeback to Buenos Aires he appeared at important venues: Michelángelo, King Club and Caño 14. By that time, 1977, he recorded his first long-playing record with the prestigious Sexteto Mayor. Thereafter he toured the interior of our country accompanied by the guitarist Carlos Juárez.

Nowadays he may be seen at the venues Bien de Tango, Galerías Pacífico, the Esquina Osvaldo Pugliese and at other tango locals.

For 22 years he has been the vocalist of the municipal orchestra of the city of Avellaneda.

He also airs our music on Radio Belgrano AM 840 in his program Al Compás de Buenos Aires.

He recorded a 33 rpm disc with 4 numbers with the Sexteto Mayor and a long-playing record with 12 numbers. His new CD was released and presented at the salón Sur on Sáenz Avenue in Nueva Pompeya. A large audience was present at the event and the CD is entitled A los amigos que la bohemia me produjo.