Hernán Genovese

Real name: Genovese, Hernán
(26 November 1971 - )
Place of birth:

e was born in Lanús, province of Buenos Aires. Since an early age he liked to sing tangos accompanying himself on guitar, influenced by his paternal family which has a large number of singers and amateur musicians.

For several years he has been appearing at different venues. He alternates the show business activity with his profession as lawyer. He has studied singing with maestros Ricardo Catena (ex Teatro Colón) and Graciela Mozón, and acting with Lizzie Waisse (Teatro Colón).

In his career he has been accompanied by important musicians who brought him their experience and their knowledge, besides their affection, such as Héctor Arbelo —the legendary guitarist that backed Julio Sosa—, Osvaldo Rizzo (Pichuquito), Oscar De Elía, Bartolomé Palermo, Raúl Garello, Atilio Stampone, Ernesto Baffa and Nicolás Brizuela (Colacho).

In 2007 he has sung at the cycle of Bares Notables de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, at the Teatro Presidente Alvear with the Orquesta del Tango de Buenos Aires conducted by maestro Raúl Garello, and at the Teatro Roma of Avellaneda alongside the bandoneonist Ernesto Baffa.

He has written the lyrics of several songs and has finished a still unpublished book of poems that achieved a mention by the Sociedad Argentina de Escritores (Argentine Society of Writers) and favorable opinions by great poets like Elvio Romero, Jorge Calvetti, Luis Tedesco and Teuco Castilla.

In 2005 he was awarded the First Prize as «Male Vocal Soloist» at the 13th «Hugo Del Carril» Contest organized by the Music Direction of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. It is regarded as the most important talent contest for tango singers. In January 2006 he won the second place at the Pre-Cosquín in the city of Córdoba.

In 2007 he released his first CD Barajando with an independent label. With a thoughtful choice of repertory which includes two tangos he wrote (“Habla Gardel” and “Lanús”), here he is accompanied by the Trío La Biaba (Pablo Alessia, Román Vergagni and Pablo Figueroa), the Palermo Trío (led by Bartolomé Palermo) and by maestros Atilio Stampone, Raúl Garello and Nicolás Colacho Brizuela. The female singer Noelia Moncada is also featured. With the latter he cut a beautiful rendition of the waltz “Gota de lluvia”.