Verónika Silva

Real name: Silva, Verónika
(16 May 1975 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

he began her tango career in 1998 alongside Julián Plaza and Ariel Ramírez in the company Los Creadores appearing on a tour of Spain.

She was the vocalist of the show Tango Emoción, directed by Mora Godoy, which appeared in Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland.

In Buenos Aires she staged her own at the Café Tortoni, Clásica y Moderna, Paseo La Plaza, El Club del Vino and the Chacarerean Theatre.

As from 2003 she is singer of the French-Argentine group Gotan Project, appearing in concerts in over 30 countries and at the Teatro Gran Rex of Buenos Aires in November 2005. That same year she took part in the recording of the DVD La revancha del tango LIVE.

In 2006 she released her first disc as tango soloist, Gorda, published by Típica Records.

In 2007 she made a tour abroad with Gotan Project and was nominated to the Premios Gardel in the category Best Album for Female Tango Artist.

Among her outstanding performances we can mention: Los Creadores, Teatro Albeniz (Madrid-1998); VI Festival Internacional de la Canción, (El Cairo-2000); Tango Emoción, Alte Oper (Frankfurt-2002); Tango Emoción, Bell'Arte (Munich-2002); Tango Emoción, Savoy (Helsinki-2002); Gotan Project, Roppongi Hills (Tokio-2003); Gotan Project, Irving Plaza (New Cork-2003); Gotan Project, Teatro Gran Rex (Buenos Aires-2005); Gotan Project, Coachella Festival (Los Angeles-2007); Gotan Project, Opera House (Sydney-2007).