Marcelo Tommasi

Real name: Tommasi, Marcelo
(13 May 1972 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e was born in the neighborhood of Caballito (city of Buenos Aires), at age 5, with his parents, he moved to Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba which was their hometown. His early performances took place when he was at grade school and later in a choir with children of his town. He began his vocal studies and appeared at several venues. At age 18 he decided to settle in Buenos Aires where he started his career as tango singer.

In 1993 he won the First Prize of the Municipal Talent Contest of Tango Hugo del Carril, organized by the Municipality of Buenos Aires. In Córdoba he appeared at the Pre Cosquín 93 and reached the first place and later he appeared at the Festival de Cosquín.

Since then he has been singing at the main tango venues: Café de los Angelitos (1991), El Rincón de los Artistas, La Cumparsita, La casa de Aníbal Troilo, El Viejo Almacén, Piazzolla Tango, the Club del Vino, Recova Plaza, Clásica y Moderna and at Señor Tango.

He appeared in television programs: Los amigos del tango and El gran debut under the musical direction of Néstor Marconi on TV channel 7.

He was member of the cast of the Festival de Tango of the city of Buenos Aires on several occasions and appeared at a series of recitals in Bares Notables.

On various occasions he was guest artist in the Orquesta del Tango de la ciudad de Buenos Aires conducted by maestro Raúl Garello and at the didactic program Tango en las escuelas (Tango at School). Also he performed with the Juan de Dios Filiberto Orchestra directed by maestro Néstor Marconi at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes.

He made a large number of tours throughout our country and abroad, appearing in Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Brazil, China and Uruguay.

In 2002 he was featured alongside the actress Ana Maria Cores in the musical Corazón de Tango directed by Rubén Cuello, with choreography by Milena Plebs and musical direction by Ángel Mahler.

In 2006 the Fonocal label released his first compact disc entitled Marcelo Tommasi - Tango.